Five Points Deli

Famous chicken salad made with all white breast meat


Five Points Deli chicken salad is different from all other packaged chicken salads because we make it like you would, with fresh chicken breasts. Other chicken salads on the shelves are likely made from pre-cooked, then frozen chicken, so flavor and texture suffer. Because of the lack of flavor, the producers resort to dressings, relishes, and spices in an attempt to make their product interesting. However, it doesn’t taste like chicken.

We not only use fresh breasts but also add fresh celery and the highest quality mayonnaise to create a simple, homemade grade chicken salad that actually tastes like chicken! Our Famous Chicken Salad is super flavorful "as is," but you can also add some of your favorite ingredients such as grapes, pecans, etc. and make it your own. Five Points Deli Chicken Salad is always welcome at potlucks, picnics, tailgates, parties...any time you want to bring the best!

Thanks for your interest and for making us a new addition to your family traditions.
–Richard Lane, Owner